God's Case Against
Orthodox Christianity

"Come now, and let us reason together," says the LORD. (Isaiah 1:18)

What is missing in Christianity that could cause 50% of Christians to vote on each side of the political spectrum in recent elections? With literally half of all of those named Christians supporting policies like abortion on demand, gay marriage, confiscatory tax policies and the forced redistribution of wealth by governments? If you think God or HIS only begotten human Son Jesus Christ would support these and similar policies, you are at the least, ignorant of Scripture and even worse, may be "programmed" by church dogma. This is doctrine from a church, which no longer respects God's Word and holds HIS Word in lower esteem than the writings of their own councils of men and women.

The spiritual reality Christians are now living under is the mythology that Apostle Paul taught us would occur in the End-Times. That reality means very few Christians are "lovers of the truth." In part, it is because very few Christians have taken the time to read the Bible. Because of their Bible ignorance, Christians are easily deceived and led astray.

The Mythology Prophecy

The Apostle Paul said: "For the time will come when men [and women] will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths." 2 Timothy 4: 3-4 NIV

The Truth Prophecy

The Apostle Paul said: "The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness." 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 NIV.

These Prophecies Are Fulfilled

"The prophecies in 2 Timothy 4:3-4 and 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 are fulfilled. Today, mythology is routinely taught from the pulpits of many Christian churches instead of God's Holy Word and many people attending Christian churches have turned away from the truth. These people are headed toward Hell unaware of their lost souls." The Apostle Edward [2005]

In 1992 after ignoring God's call to a particular church for several years, I relented and obeyed HIM. After four years, God called me out of that church in late 1996 after showing me apostate teachings. At the time, God said it was time for me to choose either that pastor's words or HIS. I chose God. For a few months I traveled to other churches with three friends who also were called out. It was soon that God told me to leave the last church I visited. I approached my friends to tell them I wouldn't be coming back, because God told me to leave and study the Bible in my office on Sundays. To my surprise, HE had already told each of my friends to go with me and independent of each other. I was amazed again by God.

That was the beginning of my ministry. It was almost two more years before I realized the depth of the pastor's evil and the reality that God had actually placed me in a Christian cult as a witness to the evil. I observed a betrayal that only Judas' betrayal of Christ exceeds. The pastor first deceived his denomination and then his congregation. He literally swindled the denomination and congregation out of their church and all of its property. I might add, if you are going to steal, does it make sense to steal from God? HE was the owner. The denomination and congregation were just stewards. God showed me the evil within this church and how almost all of the remaining Christians in that church were deceived and even clueless as to what was going on. The evil done in God's name at Dr. Bill Matthews' Christian cult is unbelievable.

Yet, there isn't just evil in this church. Evil permeates through many Christian churches. The reason is simple. Christians now live in mythology. Many do not respect the Bible, which is God's Holy Word. It is not hard to understand why they have "itching ears" and seek to only "hear what they want to hear." Human nature alone is capable of that reality. Yet, when you couple our base human nature with ignorance of God's Word, it is no wonder that Christians can be led around like a cow with a ring in their nose. Today, Christians are easily led astray and placed on a path leading to hell by a Church that serves Satan more than it serves God. It is also a fact, that Christ will reject "many" who call him "Lord, Lord." You can read about his rejecting Christians in Matthew 7:21-23, where Jesus says: "I never knew you."

So, let me ask this question. Does Jesus Christ know you? I'm not asking if you claim Jesus as Lord. Quite frankly, the fact you can say, "Jesus is my Lord" has almost nothing to do with your eternal salvation. If you read the writings God has given me, this will become very clear. The beginning of God's education of my soul was to point out the depths of the lies that exists within the orthodox Christian Church.

The next step was 4-5 years of deprogramming my mind and those who were with me. God took away all the mythology and lies we had been taught about the identity of God, the identity of Jesus, the nature of salvation, and the nature of God's eternal life. In its place, God showed us HIS Holy Word. The contrast was amazing. I learned from God's Holy Word that the Orthodox Church was lying about the most fundamental aspects of the Holy Bible. It starts with the very identity of who God was and how the Church has created another god with its trinity doctrine. A god unsupported by the teachings of Jesus. During this same period, my ministry was formalized, I was ordained and I began to write for God. The first task was to document the church evil I witnessed, as God called me to "make public" the evil that this pastor and others had done.

With that accomplished, God asked me to write as HE explained to me who the Christians were that HIS Son Jesus Christ would be rejecting. In other words, God gave me the explanation of Jesus' words in Matthew 7:21-23 for Christians. It took five years for me to complete HIS task and early on I lost my wife of 39 years to cancer. It hurts, but I understand I could not write what God wanted me to without suffering through her loss. Unlike Ezekiel, God had allowed me to grieve for the loss of this love. The gift from God was the Book of Edward: Christian Mythology. This is a four-volume textbook sized book set that is available in print or as an eBook. God wants Christian schools to use it as a study of HIS Word. HE wants Christians to read it so they will not be caught unaware of HIS Word and HIS Son's true teachings. The Book of Edward: Christian Mythology four-volume set is also available free to read online for those who cannot afford to purchase the books or eBooks. God does not want any Christian to remain ignorant of HIS Word. You'll find the Book of Edward here. While it's free to read online, I would recommend getting the books if you can afford them. The last two books are also free to read online in a browser and available in print or as low cost eBooks for immediate download. God does not want any Christian to remain ignorant of HIS Word for these End-Times simply because they cannot afford to purchase a book, even a very low cost eBook. That is why HE asked me to place the books online free to read. All books are available in the English language. All book or eBook sales support our ministry's efforts to get HIS Word out to Christians and also our ability to send Telugu Bibles to India in support of our street ministry in India.

The second and next book God gave me is titled Seven End-Times Messages From God. The third and last book is titled Trinity Dogma. These books are shown in the order that God gave them to me by the buttons below. Together, these three writings represent the case God has against the Orthodox Christian Church.

As we entered 2010, God called me out into the open to now confront the Orthodox Church about its lies concerning HIS identity, the identity of HIS only human begotten Son, Jesus Christ and the true nature of HIS salvation and eternal life. There have been many other faithful servants of God who are attempting to confront orthodox lies. However, God has given me HIS case against the Church at large and many Christians in particular with the expectation that I would step out front for HIM as HE required of me. I accepted HIS call a very long time ago.

At this point, I would be amiss if I did not give you two clear examples of Orthodox Church lies concerning God's Holy Word. So, let's use two really big ones. The trinity doctrine espoused by the Church speaks directly against the identity of God that both Jesus and Paul taught. Consider the simple teachings and meanings of both Jesus and Paul's words when it comes to who our God really is. In fact, God is NOT a trinity. HE is only the FATHER. I didn't teach it. Our Lord Jesus Christ taught it and the Apostle Paul confirmed what Jesus clearly taught.

Jesus Taught Us God's Identity

Jesus said:

"I go to HIM who sent me"

Jesus said: "I shall be with you a little longer, and then I go to HIM who sent me." John 7:33 NKJV


"I am going to the FATHER"
"My FATHER is greater than I"

Jesus said: "I am going to the FATHER, for my FATHER is greater than I." John 14:28 NKJV


"My God and your God"

Jesus said: "I am ascending [returning] to my FATHER and your FATHER, and to my God and your God." John 20:17 NKJV


Therefore, Jesus clearly taught that the FATHER [Yahweh] is our God!


Paul said:

"There is only one God"

Paul said: "Yet for us there is only one God, the FATHER." 1 Cor. 8:6 NKJV


Therefore, the Apostle Paul clearly taught that the FATHER [Yahweh] is our God!

IF the trinity doctrine were actually true, then Jesus would have lied to us in John 14:28 when he taught us that the FATHER, who he identified as our God, was greater than he was. The trinity doctrine teaches a triune god in which Jesus is EQUAL to the FATHER. So, will you continue to believe the trinity doctrine of the Orthodox Church or will you believe the simple teachings of Jesus Christ whom you may call master and savior? Think about it! Whose teachings are the easiest to understand? Whose are simple and clear?

From my perspective, there is absolutely NO WAY you can misconstrue these simple teachings about God's identity. In fact, you would have to be mentally programmed against God's Word to think anything other than what these simple teachings say to us. And, isn't that exactly what many Christians have become? People who are programmed against God's Holy Word and the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ?

The book of John is used by many to rationalize the trinity doctrine, but it is always taken out of context. Many theologians and teachers claim that John 8:58 means Jesus claims to be the "I AM" of Exodus 3:14-15. In other words, they claim Jesus states he is the God of the Old Testament in the book of John. Yet, Jesus is not the one who is lying about his identity and the true identity of God Almighty. In the above verses from John, we see exactly what Jesus taught. It is clear that he did not claim to be God in the book of John. Furthermore, to claim so, takes the teachings of the Book of John totally out of context.

Book of John Context

John said: "These [words] are written [in the book of John] that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing [Jesus is the Christ] you may have life in his name." John 20:31 NKJV

So, we see that John's purpose and intention was so that we would believe "Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God." He did not intend for his writings to be twisted in such a way as to claim Jesus stated he was actually God. If that were true, then Jesus would be a liar in the above clear teachings of his. If this perversion of John's teachings were not enough, others exist such as the claim that John 20:28 meant the Apostle Thomas worshipped Jesus as God. This too is a bald faced lie and a misrepresentation of God's Holy Word. Woe to anyone who misrepresents God's Word. Listen, a mere 11 verses earlier we can see and read Jesus' statement that it is his FATHER who is our God. Earlier in John's teachings, we also learned that all of the apostles knew exactly who Jesus was.

All The Apostles Knew Jesus Was Not God

"Then Jesus said to the twelve [apostles], 'Do you also want to go away?' Then Simon Peter answered him, 'Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. Also we [all twelve of us, which includes Thomas] have come to believe and know that you are the Christ, the Son of the living God.' " John 6:69 NKJV

This isn't the only place where it is clear in Scriptures that all of the apostles knew that Jesus was not God. Listen to part of the prayer of Jesus to his God in John 17:1-19.

Jesus Taught The Apostles Who God Was

Jesus said to God Almighty: "I have manifested YOUR name to the men whom YOU have given me out of the world. They were YOURS, YOU gave them to me and they have kept YOUR word. Now they have known that all things which YOU have given me are from YOU. For I have given to them the words which YOU have given me and they have received them, and have known surely that I came forth from YOU, and they have believed that YOU sent me." John 17:6-9 NKJV

Those who rationalize the trinity with verses such as John 8:58, John 20:28 and even Hebrews 1:8-9 can come up with good sounding doctrines. However, in the process of their Bible exegesis, they make Jesus, John, Paul and the other apostles out to be liars. The simple teachings above make it plain and clear that Jesus and all of his apostles knew exactly who he was and who God Almighty was. They also all knew that Jesus was not God, but only a servant of God. Note: If your doctrine teaches against what Jesus taught, you don't understand God's Word. In fact, you are "understanding nothing" concerning God's Word according to Apostle Paul in 1 Timothy 6:3-6. Ergo, if you teach against Jesus Christ, you simply don't understand.

Jesus Taught Us His Identity

John 8:40


Jesus said: "But now you seek to kill me, a man who has told you the truth which I heard from God." John 8:40 NKJV

Therefore, Jesus taught us in John 8:40 that he was a man! Ergo, this means he was a human male.

Hebrews 2:17


"Therefore, in all things [Jesus] had to be made like his brethren [other human males], that he might be a faithful High Priest in things pertaining to God, to make propitiation for the sins of the people." Heb 2:17 NKJV


Therefore, Heb 2:17 teaches us that Jesus had to be MADE a human male like all of his earthly brethren!

1 Timothy 2:5


"For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus." 1 Timothy 2:5 NKJV


Therefore, Paul also taught us that Jesus was a man!

God has protected HIS Holy Scripture even if the Christian Orthodox Church aggressively teaches against it. Don't even bother to contact me with any trinity doctrine rationalization for the above verses. Any fifth grade student can understand the simple language used by Jesus, Paul and John along with the teachings above from the book of John, Hebrews and 1 Timothy. Again I ask a simple question. Did our Lord Jesus Christ lie to us, in John 8:40, when he clearly stated he was a "man who learned from God?"

If you still think any of the above verses support a triune God, then I would recommend obtaining the Trinity Dogma eBook at the red button link below or at least reading the online version. You are simply wrong about God. You have, like I once was, been programmed to believe Orthodox Church doctrines that lie about God's Word. If you cannot accept the simple teachings above, then I don't believe you are meant to understand God's Word. You don't hear God. And, you don't hear Jesus! Scripture teaches that those who do not hear God, do not belong to HIM. You will find this teaching of Jesus in John 8:47 and God's command to "hear Jesus" in Matthew 17:5. Meditate on these two Scriptures.

If you teach the trinity doctrine, you teach against our Lord Jesus Christ's teachings and in effect treat Jesus as a liar or lunatic in the clear teachings that he gave us. Furthermore, Scripture indicates that when you deny what our Lord Jesus Christ taught, you do not understand God's Word. Anyone who does not have the relationship of Jesus to our God straight, simply cannot understand God's Word. Consider these three teachings from Scripture on this subject. For the benefit of Catholics, these Scripture citations are from the Catholic New American Bible (NAB). However, all bibles have the same or similar wording.

Warning To Stay In
The Teachings Of Jesus!

John said: "Anyone who is so 'progressive' as not to remain in the teaching of the Christ does not have God; whoever remains in the teaching [of Jesus Christ] has the FATHER and the Son." 2 John 9 NAB

Paul said: "See to it that no one captivate you with an empty, seductive philosophy according to human tradition, according to the elemental powers of the world and not according to Christ ['s teachings]." Colossians 2:8 NAB

Paul said: "Whoever teaches something different and does not agree with the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ and the religious teaching is conceited, understanding nothing, and has a morbid disposition for arguments and verbal disputes. From these come envy, rivalry, insults, evil suspicions, and mutual friction among people with corrupted minds, who are deprived of the truth, supposing religion to be a means of gain." 1 Timothy 6:3-6 NAB

Clearly the Catholic Church and all other Orthodox churches do not teach what Jesus taught. Otherwise, they would not peddle the false doctrine that Jesus is God. Yet, God's identity is not the only major lie taught to Christians. The very issue of salvation and what it takes to obtain eternal life is also a false teaching in the Christian Orthodox Church. So, did Jesus Christ teach in John 14:6 that he was the only way to get to heaven when he spoke the words, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the FATHER except through me?" The complete answer from God's Word may surprise you.

The Second Really Big
Church Lie

Did Jesus really teach he
was the only way to God?

Click below for Eternal Life truth!

The Jesus I Know: Eternal Life

Do You Really Listen To Jesus' Words?

Take The Jesus Test

For further study, click the links below. The Book of Edward is a large web site with all four volumes of the Book of Edward: Christian Mythology available online and free to read. The Seven End-Times Messages From God and Trinity Dogma have extensive web sites with a lot of information to consider. All books are available as low cost eBooks for immediate download and they are available in print form from any book store.

You will also find a link to a Cancer eBook below that I wrote concerning the issues of God's healing and cancer. I literally spent weeks with God studying healing and cancer after my wife was diagnosed with cancer. Anyone concerned with cancer should obtain a copy of this Cancer eBook and read it. It will be of very great benefit to any family who is actually confronted with cancer. In addition to teaching you what God's perspective on healing is, I have identified 30 known cancer treatment protocols that can help you restore health to your body. This eBook answers the question: "Will God always heal you?" You will find the Natural Cancer Cures listed in this eBook of great value. You will also find Reported Cancer Cures at another ministry site that expounds on the alternative cancer cures doctors are not allowed to talk about.

The three books in the three red link buttons immediately below are the three writings that God gave me over a period of 15 years to deliver to the Church and to all Christians. Together, these three books constitute God's Case Against Orthodox Christianity. These are the teachings from HIS Holy Word for these last days. These are End-Times teachings concerning eternal life. Take heed to listen to God's words found in your own Bible. I deliver nothing new. As God has asked, I am pointing out to you what HE has already delivered to mankind. I am pointing out the Truth of HIS Holy Scriptures for these End-Times.

The Christian Orthodox Church has lied about who God is, who Jesus Christ is, what constitutes salvation, and even about the nature of eternal life. Millions of Christian souls are now in jeopardy because of the lies they have been programmed with over centuries. I spent 15 years with God getting these materials ready for what are now clearly the End-Times that Jesus taught about in Matthew 24. The main message God gave me was to tell Christians that many of them are unwittingly headed towards Hell instead of Heaven. HE asked me to explain who Christ is talking to in Matthew 7:21-23 when he rejected Christians who called him "Lord, Lord." I have delivered HIS message.

Does any of this spiritual stuff really matter to you? It should and it is not too late to get right with God. Learn HIS truth and reprogram your mind by refocusing your energies away from Christian Orthodox Church dogma and doctrines and back onto God's Holy Bible. If you are new to Bible study, get a red letter Bible and focus your mind on the teachings of Jesus identified in red letters. If you stick with the words Christ gave us from God, you will get God's message concerning HIS eternal life. Do not listen to the mythology taught by the Church. Listen to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Woe to every teacher who teaches against the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God Is Not The Author
Of Confusion!

1 Corinthians 14:33

The Orthodox Church is, for it has ...

  1. Removed God's name [Yahweh] from Scripture
  2. Removed God's Son's name [Yeshua] from Scripture
  3. Created an idolatrous triune god, which now leads Christians to Hell
  4. Altered the words in certain Bible verses to support its triune god
  5. Altered the meaning of God's Holy Word to support its triune god
  6. Taught against the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ concerning God

Woe to the Orthodox Church and all who teach the trinity lie about God!

God's Case Against Orthodox Christianity

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